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How to meet the demand for Digital Marketing in laboratories?

Clube do Lab was born with the initiative to meet the demand that laboratories in Brazil had for building their brands through digital means. With the growth in demand for healthcare services in recent years, opportunities to undertake in the area have increased, making laboratory marketing a necessity for those who wish to stand out in the market.



Automating artwork creation

Serving a series of laboratories on a large scale becomes an expensive and tiring process when producing specific artwork for each client. To overcome this obstacle, we automate the creation of artwork, optimizing production and making the process simpler and more practical.. still maintaining all personalized arts (colors and logo) for each laboratory.

Complete platform

Each registered laboratory has access to a large collection of arts to publish on their digital channels, from commemorative dates to clarified processes for their patients. In any publication, the laboratory will have access to the post and stories format, also accompanying the caption, simplifying the work of each manager in feeding digital platforms.


Technologies used:




Google Cloud
Amazon AWS


Saving time and resources

Automating art creation optimized the entire process that designers would previously need to do, reducing resources and time spent on both the Lab Club and laboratories.

Easy management

Through the Lab club, it becomes easier to manage all content to be disseminated on each laboratory's digital channels, with updates made through the platform.

Professional content

Many laboratories face difficulties in finding designers or make their own digital arts, with the Lab Club each laboratory will have access to content produced by professionals.

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