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Support for Automotive Repair Shops

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How to offer quality support to mechanical workshops?

Mechanical workshops across Brazil face difficulty in obtaining high-quality technical support to solve their customers' problems, which is often beyond the knowledge of working professionals.. With this support objective in mind, the workshop chose us!



A support platform

Through a forum, we developed on the platform a way to answer on a large scale various questions that mechanic professionals face in their daily lives, being able to leave their questions accompanied by photos and videos to improve and facilitate the resolution of their problems.

Specialized and exclusive support

The user who needs it can opt for specialized and exclusive support, being able to contact a professional free of charge and get a quote, then deciding whether to continue with specialized help. Thus being able to provide more in-depth and personal support for those problems that require advanced technical knowledge.


Technologies used:




Google Cloud
Amazon AWS


High-quality support

We created a platform where we can make specialized support accessible to several mechanic workshops that have difficulty solving their customers' problems, being able to offer good services.

New subscription system

Together with Workshop Support, we developed a subscription system for users to have priorities and an exclusive experience with their questions, thus generating new revenue for Workshop Support.

Efficient and interactive platform

We developed all platforms to achieve the best level of usability, and we significantly improved the efficiency of Workshop Support compared to its last version, thus providing a platform with a better experience for users.

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